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Welcome to BusX

BusX provides business execution applications and solutions in Southern Africa and the Middle East.  SuccessFactors is the world’s largest integrated suite of on demand business execution applications, gives real-world insight into how to build a successful pay-for-performance culture that can literally transform your business.

Business Execution

BusX is a SuccessFactors licensed partner – reseller in Sub Saharan Africa and Professional Services provider in the EMEA Region.  SuccessFactors Inc. is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world.  They are the global leader in a new category called Business Execution Software.  As their partner, BusX helps to solve the biggest problem in business today, which is how to improve strategy execution.  We do this in two ways: by making sure organizations are aligned with the right objectives and ensuring world-class people performance.

Business Alignment

Combining business alignment and people performance: SuccessFactors’ Business Execution Software supports your organisation in achieving the best possible results – through aligning, equipping and incentivising top performance.  SuccessFactors Business Execution Software is the premier solution to motivate your people to do the right tasks at the right time with the right results.  Every day.  Because the difference is in execution.

People Performance

SuccessFactors helps your company get the most out of its significant investment in people by allowing you to take a holistic approach to optimizing workforce performance.  Our on-demand performance management solutions let you more easily address three of today’s most critical business initiatives:

  • Bridging Strategy & Execution;
  • Enabling True Pay-for-Performance;
  • Performing Advanced Talent Development and Planning.

Remuneration and Reward Management

Remcalc, a locally developed Internet-based tool provides you with a smart roadmap to make Pay-for-Performance a lucrative business strategy.  Remcalc lets you benchmark your staff against the market and objectively award bonuses and increases to employees.  You put Equity and Integrity in your reward process.

Human Resources and Business Consulting Services

The advisory services include Strategic Planning Execution and all People Management Methodologies and Processes.


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